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Athletes Making Moves is the first book on Name, Image, and Likeness for every athlete. In this book, the Protector of Athletes reveals her proprietary framework, Have Your S.A.E., that helps all athletes set the groundwork to holistically understand and build self-foundational tools essential to operating and protecting their name, image, and likeness.


The Protector of Athletes uses storytelling that teaches athletes how to shift their mindsets, create and develop deeper self-accountability, and use the power of education when dealing with issues like athletes' legal rights, brand and team management, conflict of issues, safeguarding assets, athletic entrepreneurism, budgeting, team curation, and more.


This book is a game changer for all athletes who want to profit from - and protect - their name, image, and likeness like a BOSS during the collegiate phase and beyond.

Athletes Making Moves E-Book

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