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Making Moves

Secure the Future by Protecting

Your Name, Image, and Likeness

"To accomplish anything, to shift one’s entire mindset, to even hold yourself accountable begins with education."

~ Sivonnia DeBarros

Protector of Athletes




TV Interview

Want to talk to an NIL Expert on all the issues that you probably haven't even considered. 

Join the Protector of Athletes for a three-part Q&A series on name, image, & likeness.

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Hi. I'm Sivonnia DeBarros. A first-generation business, sports & entertainment lawyer.

I'm on a mission to motivate, educate, and support athletes at every level around the nation to take ownership of their Name, Image, and Likeness like a BOSS!

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs, athletes included, often make is failing to implement the right team around them during the building & maintenance phase of their businesses.


I've seen this happen with professional athletes, artists, six- and seven-figure businesses that I've personally represented.


As an athlete you know that the "team" will make or break the success. So let's get you on the right track from jump. 

That's where "Athletes Making Moves" comes in. This book will not just discuss the rules around NIL, but how NIL applies to everyday Professional & retired athletes, including what every athlete should know to get and remain protected as they enter and remain in entrepreneurism.

Making money is great. But what good is making it if you don't know how to keep it by legally protecting your brand, your name, and contractual relationships?

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From: Protector

of Athletes

Check out my Interview Clip with WGN-Chicago discussing NIL for college athletes 
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