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Sivonnia DeBarros – the Protector of Athletes– is a first-generation lawyer and law business owner, woman in business and a former track and field Division-I College athlete.  DeBarros received her B.S. from the University of South Florida, a M.S. from Everest University, and her Juris Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law. 

DeBarros is passionate about helping athletes in business protect their brands through collaborative partnerships, education and support necessary to carry them to the next level. DeBarros has represented athletes from the MLS, NFL, Pro-Table Tennis, NBA-G League and Coaches, to name a few.





Gregory Charlop, MD

Founder of Retired Athlete Health

This couldn't be more timely! With all the excitement and confusion surrounding the new Name, Image, and Likeness rule, athletes and schools don't know what to expect. Thankfully, sports law expert Sivonnia DeBarros breaks down the rule and its implications in this easy-to-understand guidebook. This book should be required reading for all college athletes, sports agents, and athletic directors!

Fabienne Raphael

Former Elite Handball Canadian Athlete & Business Coach

"I'm loving this book. This is the book a lot of athletes need . . . I feel you're giving them a big wake up call about how responsible they must feel about their talent but also their commitment to performance and the progression of the business that they're building because of their talent that could open doors for them for college, professional contracts [etc]."

Iris Bailey

Dean of Students & Mayor

"I absolutely LOVE the book and EXCELLENT writing! There is so much information to gleam. Again, you have sparked my interests about several other things. If this works for sports, what about our students that are talented in other areas like, singing, instruments, the arts in general."

Founder of N.I.L. Network

"Athletes Making Moves" is a great resource for young athletes preparing to monetize their personal brand in this new era of collegiate athletics. Outside of the "glitz and glam" of getting paid for social media endorsements, appearances, or autographs, there are tons of issues that athletes need to be aware of to successfully navigate this new space. DeBarros makes this information easily digestible and even fun! 

Michelle Meyer


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